One of the newest and up and coming design of toilet is called the wall hung toilet. The name is the big clue as to how it is actually fitted in the bathroom. It does actually look like it has been glued to the wall. It is though really great for freeing up space. Like all appliances that you are thinking of purchasing you will need to think if it will suit your needs and your bathroom. The first and most obvious feature of this pan is the fact it seems to float a few inches off the floor. This will let you easily do your cleaning around the area but more importantly directly underneath the pan. A Chislehurst Plumber can supply and fit all appliances. Its design leaves no really hard to access places where dust and dirt usually lurk, and the best thing is there is no connection to the floor by big rusty screws and sealant that has blackened over time. Many of this type of toilet have smooth sides that are easily wiped clean, and high quality pans that are fitted with quick-release seats that detach in seconds to really make cleaning easy. Chislehurst Plumbers only use qualified plumbing experts. When we go back about 5 years, it seemed then that the wall-mounted toilet was really quite expensive. The truth is that, bathrooms themselves were expensive, however today the wall-hung toilet has really reduced in price because of the choices and availability that is available. Today, a stylish wall-hung toilet can cost only 150. The concealed frame and cistern needed for support will add around 150-250. The price will depend on the quality and brand of choice. The cost may be more but this style is popular and will last for many years.

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