Here is a selection of taps and short description:Mixer Taps.These taps are linked either by a deck block( flat against the surface ) or a pillar block ( raised ). Most mixers are two hole types that fit in a standard two hole sink one for hot and one for cold. A professional service like Chislehurst Plumbers fit all types.Monobloc.A single hole monobloc tap has a compact body with handles and the spout very close together. Some designs have narrow inlet pipes. These are available for kitchens and also bathrooms. Some kitchen monobloc mixers include a hot rinse spray and brush fed from the hot water pipe by a flexible hose so that the sprayer can be lifted easily from its socket.Bath or Basin Mixer.Made so hot and cold water can merge within the mixer body and are usually fed from a cistern. This type of fitting is illegal to fit to a system that is fed by cold water from a rising main and the hot is fed from a cylinder because if the mains pressure alters the difference in pressure between the two feeds could result in stored water being sucked back into the mains potentially contaminating your drinking the water.Kitchen mixer.The spout on this tap has separate channels for hot and cold water because the kitchen cold tap is fed direct from the mains and it is illegal to mix mains cold with hot from a cistern in one filling. The spout usually swivels and should be able to reach both bowls of a double sink, they can also have capstan or lever style handles.Bath/Shower Mixer.These taps have a control knob that diverts the flow of water from the spout to the shower handset. They do not generally provide a strong spray but they are a useful addition to the bath. Of course all the above are covered by an Chislehurst Plumber who is experienced.

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