Mixers: 1-41). Manual:This shower is a wall fitted unit which hot and cold water supplies fed through to a single valve. Temperature and the amount of water is controlled by one knob, or separately in more expensive versions. Costing more than a bath/shower mixer to fit yet placed at a convenient height. Hot and cold supply pipes need to be plumbed in.2). Thermostatic:This type is a wall fitted unit with hot and cold water supplies fed to one valve. The temperature is controlled by an inbuilt stabiliser so the water will not run too hot and will not alter when another appliance draws water somewhere else in the home. More expensive than a manual mixer.3). Push-on:This type is a hose and spray fitted to the taps on the bath as needed. The temperature is controlled by varying the flow of both taps but is not very reliable or constant. Simple and cheap but is easily disconnected. Chislehurst Plumbers fit all plumbing appliances.4). Bath/Shower:This unit is a shower spray together with a bath mixer tap. The temperature is controlled by the bath taps. It can provide a shower for no more than the cost of the bath taps. Extra plumbing is required and the temperature control is awkward to adjust.Two More Types: 1-21). Power:All-in-one shower which has a small but quite strong electric pump. The pump works to increase the rate the water is delivered from a cold water cistern. This type can only be installed, using water fed from a cold water cistern and a hot cylinder. A Chislehurst Plumber can fit a power shower2). Instantaneous Electric:This type is a wall unit physically plumbed into a mains cold water supply, and which is heated by an electrical heating element. Mains pressure must be to at least (10lb/sq in ) (o.7kg/sq cm). The control gives less water at a higher temperature or more water at a lower temperature. This unit needs to be electrically connected to Current Wiring Regulations.

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