Scale is usually formed in hard water areas and although it does not pose a risk to health it can cause plumbing problems. Scale will eventually form deposits and clog plumbing pipes. Trained plumbers like Chislehurst Plumbers can help.There are some simple tips that might help to remove lime scale from appliances like the shower. Mixtures from natural products can sometimes help. These mixtures do not prevent lime scale but they can eliminate damage. If the suggestions below dont work you need to call in an expert like a Chislehurst Plumber.Water/vinegar mix helps remove a lot of lime build-up. Soaking a shower head in this mixture overnight is a good remedy. Use a wrench to unscrew the shower head and then submerge it in the mixture. In areas with difficult to remove lime scale build-up, there are some common items that people may have lying around the home that work. Lemon juice is very good. If you mix it with vinegar, it works far better. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and you can spray all of the problem areas in the bathroom.For Kettles that have ugly lime scale build-up, a couple of tablespoons of water softener can be added and boiled for a couple of minutes. This will remove lime scale. For tougher stains, drops of lemon juice can be added to the mixture.Some toilets may have hard water staining, so the water in the bowl will need to be drained. Put an equal mixture of white vinegar and borax in the pan. Cover as much of the pan as possible. Leave the mixture in the bowl for a few hours in order for it to work.Add four pints of vinegar solution with the water during a wash cycle in your washing machine, once the cycle is complete the deposits should have been washed away.

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