If you are impressed by the condition of your friends bathroom, you should consider some of these tips which have been provided to you by the professional plumbers of Plumbers Chislehurst. When you are in the shower, do not throw hair in the drain. Instead, remove all the hair from the strainer and then dispose of it in the trash. Regularly clean out the drain with vinegar and baking soda.If you notice that the performance of the drain is becoming quite slow, apply the same mixture to the drain and let it cool down for a moment or two before washing it down with water.In case you notice a blockage, remove the stopper or the strainer and then take a wire and take as much garbage as you can from down there. Using chemicals and harsh drain cleaners should never be an option but in case you are convinced that using these things is that only way to clean out every piece of junk from the drain then you should always consider the following precautions:Always do what the manufacturer have told you and never to try to exceed the limit of those agents. After you have poured down the chemicals, never look down in the drain because these chemicals can boil up and place harm to your eyes.Do not ever mix two or three kinds of chemicals together because if you try too hard, you might end up causing an explosion in your house.Always remember to put on safety glasses so that your eyes can stay protected.Plus always wear plastic gloves to make sure that your hands are not touching the chemicals.In case these things are not getting too helpful in the task, make sure to call for help form the plumbing service of your area like Plumbers Chislehurst.

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