There homeowners or tenants lives when they pull the plug from the kitchen sink or empty the washing up bowl and the used waste water just sits there looking at them and not moving. For what seems like an age they just stand and look and actually wonder what to do, and secretly hope that its all a big mistake and it will go in a minute. Should you have the confidence or previous experience to tackle this, there is a guide below for dealing with a blocked sink. Chislehurst Plumbers can unblock drains.What You Need:?Small plastic bowlCoat hanger.Adjustable wrench (large) Old towelsBucket.A torch.Plunger. Method:1). Take the sink plunger and sit it over the plughole and using up and down motions, plunge quite hard a few times. Should the water remain, then, you take the small basin and bail out some of the water from the sink and into your bucket. 2). Take the large wrench and very carefully, unscrew the lower part of the bottle trap (you may be able to do this by hand). When you have done this, the water will hopefully drain into the bucket. Let all the water and also any contents in the U-bend or bottle trap drop into the bucket. Use the coat hanger in the shape of a probing hook that will fit the shape of your trap and rake out all those things like hair and bits of food debris that caused the block. A Chislehurst Plumber uses the correct tools. Now with some washing liquid and a small brush (this could be an old toothbrush or one that you have bought) scrub and loosen all the dirt or stain that is left behind so it will drain. Re-fit the trap securely and check the seal for any leaks.

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