Are you up for getting a new house constructed? Have you checked for everything you want for this new place of yours? Stop and think about the plumbing system of your home. There are some homeowners who neglect the importance of plumbing systems and in fact take their plumbing systems for granted. Once they move into the new house, they realize they left the responsibility of the plumbing system onto the shoulders of the constructors and their plumbers Chislehurst who did not take care of the plumbing system well. If you dont want to spend money on the plumbing system again, there are some things you have to take care of during the construction phase of your house in order to make sure that you are not left in catastrophe later. Do make neglect the plumbing changes; they should be an important part of your houses plan. Here are some important tips that should never be neglected:The water heart and the furnace should be placed in the basement. If you are not considering basement to be a part of your new home, then the furnace and water heater should be installed at the main floor. Choose a drain pan made from aluminum for your water heater and get the drain pan attached to the sanitary sewer.The water heater, sump pit, water softener, ejector pit, furnace and the main water valve along with the sewerage connection should all be fixed in one corner. This can either be the base or the main floor of the house. If the house is being built on crawl space, then the main water valve should be located in the living space. Most of the houses have their main valves situated every down. This is quite an inconvenient location because it is not an accessible place in the situation of emergency. The house must be plumbed for at least once even if the homeowner is getting water softener. This will help you to install the water softener easily if you want to get it installed after the construction of the house. The line of sump pump discharged should be lined to the sewer. If you choose a reliable or licensed plumber for checking onto the plumbing system of your house that is in the process of construction, you will never have to bother about anything. The plumber Chislehurst will take of this issue automatically. If you havent hired a plumber separately, you must check for these tips.

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