Manholes are constructed in areas where there is no public sewer system. Manholes can function perfectly for a long period of time (at least 3-5 years) if the household takes care of certain precautionary and maintenance measures. If users flush inappropriate waste down the drain, it is very possible that serious problems will happen in no time, such as a Blocked manhole Chislehurst.

Problems with a Blocked manhole Chislehurst often happen if there is lots of rain and water keeps on coming; it can also happen that there is an underground water flood that gets into the manhole (and creates a spilling over) ? this doesn’t happen often, but it is a possibility.
How to deal with such a problem?

It is important to start with cleaning/draining the manhole several times and washing off the interior because it is possible for a residue to block free water flow. It is good to get a compressor for this washing and later to take biological substances that will ensure deep cleaning of a manhole. There are such products for cleaning of a manhole that will ensure simple but a 100% effective, environmentally-friendly solution for manholes that:

? biologically activates processing of the waste
? eliminates unpleasant smells and harmful gases (H2S, NH3, CH4)
? decreases the amount of solid waste and completes its processing into organic matters
? establishes and maintains the natural biologic work of a manhole
? prevents blocking or leaking
? dissolves fats and oils through a process of natural hydrolysis
? cleans the entire system, including pipes and plugs

Thanks to biological solutions, the system will need to be cleaned less often and the cleaning process will be easier (as there will be much less unpleasant smells), and it will definitely prolong the life of the entire system. When you choose to invest in timely and proper maintenance, your manhole will continue to function perfectly for a long period of time.

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