DIY on your plumbing or heating system can open a real can of worms and also dangerous with a large bill at the end. It is also entirely possible tat it may result in you being on the wrong side of the law. Many people are happy to do minor jobs like changing a tap washer but for anything else you are best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. The old saying A little Knowledge is dangerous is very often true and if you do not know 100% what you are doing then a 10 minute DIY plumbing job could turn into days of heart ach and expense. Heating?systems are quite specialised and the margin for error is very fine and any mistake can result in expensive repair bills and potential health hazards, the very things you are trying to avoid! You are subject to the same regulations and controls as the professional plumber such as Chislehurst Plumbers and everything connected to water supply has to comply with statutory requirements. There are minimum standards for sanitary plumbing and drainage which are laid down by law in the interest of public health and safety. Contravention can lead to prosecution and the possible imposition of substantial fines. It may seem like a money saver but DIY can cause you untold financial, legal and health problems. Don’t take the risk of endangering your property, your own or your families health and even breaking the law. If you have plumbing and heating problems you can call experts who do this everyday like a Chislehurst Plumber . These guys will take the worry and responsibility from you giving peace of mind and of course more importantly they guarantee their work which is great should you have any issues.

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