Before you contact a professional to get Dishwasher repairs Chislehurst, check some of the most common problems with dishwashers and solutions for these. Dishwasher repairs Chislehurst don’t have to be complicated or require a professional approach; very often every user can find the solution to put a dishwasher back in function.

Problem: Dishes are wet after washing cycle completes

Make sure that the dishes are placed in a way that water can freely flow between them. Round dishes, especially bowls, can easily hold the water if placed sideways instead of being turned upside down. Also, make sure to regularly add a solution such as Finish Jet Dry into a liquid dispenser for the most efficient drying. The problem can also be that there is too much solution for washing out. If dishes are still wet even after you have tried with both of these tips, it is possible that the heater has broken down and you will need professional help.

Problem: Washed glasses look foggy

In areas with hard water, scale can easily appear on glasses, giving that foggy appearance. Avoid scale build up by adding an anti-scale product such as Finish Power Up in every washing cycle. Determine the local water hardness and adjust the amount of the product accordingly ? in general, hard water requires more of the anti-scale product and soft water requires less. White streaks on glasses can also be a result of surface corrosion. We recommend you verify this with a simple vinegar test.

Problem: Decorations on dishes are becoming pale

Try washing decorated dishes on a low temperature with a detergent that contains anti-corrosive protection. If the problem continues, it is recommended to wash these dishes manually.

Problem: Traces of detergent stay on the dishes even though they are clean

Check the doors of the dosing chamber to check whether its blocked with large dishes or long utensils. Moistness in the dosing chamber can also cause tablets or detergent to get stuck. Additionally, it is good to know that hard water requires more detergent than soft water.

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